CLASSES in Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island



Wilmot Scottish Country Dance Classes
Wilmot Community Centre

Wilmot       Mondays at 7pm   Starting Oct 16, 2017

Susan Van Horne
(902) 825-4600 or (902) 765-0906

Email Susan:  svanhorne at

Teacher:               Susan Van Horne

Valley Scottish Country Dancers
Riverside Court

Kentville      Tuesdays at 7:30pm

Susan Van Horne

(902) 825-4600 or (902) 765-0906

Email Susan:  svanhorne at

Teachers:              Duncan & Maggie Keppie

The Thistle Country Dancers
N Woodside Community Centre

Dartmouth      1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 7:30pm

Colleen Putt

Email Colleen : kokoputt at


Teachers:              Suzanne Lajoie and Colleen Putt

Seaforth Scottish Country Dancers

Seaforth Community Centre

Seaforth    Wednesdays at 1:30pm

Judi Henderson, Sue Kratzmann  and Eleanor Nieforth


Email Judi: jojudi at

Teachers:              Lydia Hedge and Todd McCall

Bon Accord Scottish Country Dancers

St George’s Round Church
Cornwallis & Brunswick Sts
Halifax      Thursdays at 7:30pm

Linda Gray
(902) 462-4068
Email Linda: saltwind at

Pat Miles
(902) 465-6941

Email Pat: milespatm at

Teacher:               Colleen Putt


Mindfulness Centre (Room 110)

Forrester Hall, Nova Scotia Community College

36 Arthur St,
Fridays at 7pm

Holly Lennox
(902) 895-8621
Email Holly: holly.lennox at


Teacher:               Holly Lennox

Heritage Social Dance Group at Beaconsfield

Beaconsfield Carriage House

Corner of West and Kent Streets

Charlottetown, PEI       Wednesdays at 7pm

Mixture of Scottish Country, English Country, Quadrilles and Round Dances 

Brenda Porter
Email Brenda: porterbrenda56 at

Chris Scott

Email Chris: scottchrissie at

Teachers:              Brenda Porter and Chris Scott




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